wall candy.

Ya'll! Each of these 2019 pieces, "Must Go"! You've heard of that saying that goes "You don't have to go home, but you gotta leave here". Well that's how I feel about these creations from 2019. ALL of these are on sale AND 50% of EVERY painting's sale will be donated to Wayne County, NC United Way and Salvation Army.




I am a creative Eastern NC girl that craves comic relief,
championing local community and shelter cats.
The gift of painting runs in my family even though I did not touch a canvas while I was at the East Carolina School of Art. (I was a little late to the game, started painting later, married later, became a mom later, you get the drift.)
It was quite some time before I picked up a paintbrush, but watercolors were my 1st love, and still think they are easier.
 Why do I paint? God has provided me a talent and it would be a wasteful not to nurture and share it, don't you agree? I will quickly pick up a paint brush to help shelter animals and local causes and also accept commissions.

Let's get the paints out and get messy! Then we'll go play with the cats at the shelter--



PS My husband Ashley and I (yes he has a girly name and I have a manly name) have a daughter named Sallie Brown. The 3Flemingos!


-Joan Rivers

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